Working with Aggression

The Dog Partnership has a unique approach to working with aggression.  This approach is now widely used by many vets, trainers and behaviourists, in the UK, Europe and Japan.

The Dog Partnership was founded in 1999 by Angela Stockdale to offer support for dogs having difficulties in everyday life. A specialist in aggression, Angela has over 35 yrs. experience working with dogs with behavioural issues.  


Each dog ​is an individual and shoud be respected as such. Before we look at what the dog is doing, we look at how they are feeling. This is what is most important.

Many dogs exhibit what can be interpreted as aggression but they may not be feeling aggressive.  Displays of aggression are usually a survival strategy for dogs who find themselves in a situation they cannot cope with. 


Our individual Success Programme is specifically designed for your dog. Whether your dog is displaying aggression, or is having general difficulties for other reasons, it is essential that each Success Programme is tailored to the indvidual dog's needs.

Katie Fiddes 

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Mobile : 07714 581451

Angela Clark-Stockdale


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Mobile : 07790 824277

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Preventing Social Issues

We also work on preventing social issues.  


At the Puppy Classes, run by Katie, owners learn how to guide their puppies in everyday life. But, equally as important, Katie assesses any potential problems, such as social issues.


Puppies who are timind or over exhuberant  have the potenial to develop social issues as they grow older.

Katie assesses all puppies on their social skills. And if they are not ready to join Happy Hound Juniors groups, they socialise with Teaching Dogs, on an one to one basis.

We also offer one to one training plus fun activites for you and your dog.  These include fun agility and search and rescue.

If you would like to know more about The Dog Partnership's unique approach, please contact Katie or Angela. 

The Dog Partnership 2011

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