It is the intention and motivation of unsociable displays that determine the underlying cause.  Not the behaviour itself. Social Issues are much more complex than this.


When is an assertive dog unsociable?  Why can a confident dog show fear around other dogs? Why are dogs possessive over resources with people? There is never simply one answer.


These questions and many more will be answered at this mainly practical workshop.


Several dogs with social issues will be assessed to determine the motivation and intention behind their behaviour.  An individual success programme will then be designed for each one.


Participants are welcome to bring their own dogs for assessment. Dogs from Shelters are also invited.


Whether you work as a Dog Trainer, in a Shelter or simply have a passion for dogs, you will find this workshop both informative and fascinating.


Any of the dogs participating obviously need to be comfortable in a workshop environment.


Please do not bring dogs that are not participating in the workshop, unless absolutely necessary.

Intention, Motivation and Social Issues

For more information, please contact :


Angela Clark-Stockdale - 07790 824277

Email -

The Dog Partnership 2011

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