'He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true,to the last beat of his heart.You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion' 

author unknown

A Dog is Man's Best friend, but is Man a Dog's Best Friend? 

You wouldn’t dream of training your human friends. You make your opinions and feelings clear, and boundaries are established. You get on because you agree about what‘s right and what’s wrong. 


You and your best friend understand each other perfectly without having to explain things to each other, because you know what each other is thinking.


Our aim is for you to develop the same depth of friendship with your dog.

The Pleasure Principle 
Of course dogs need to learn essential life skills, such an instant STOP and DOWN and COME for safety reasons. 


But with a true friendship, many skills come naturally without training. Because just like human friends, your dog gets immense pleasure out of being your best friend. 


Eating together, sleeping together and resting together are family bonding activities. We so often miss these opportunities to further develop our friendship with our dogs and reiterate how important they are within the family group.


By involving your dog in family events you are conveying to them that whilst you are pleased when they respond to any request, they are also a highly valued member of the family. Show them by your expression that you recognise and appreciate their achievements. Show them how much you enjoy closeness with them.


A dog does not have to train another dog to follow or stay close to them. If your dog understands how valued a family member they are, you will have little need for training. It will become natural for them to follow you and stay within the family when you are out walking, as they would if they were with a group of dogs.


Your dog watches and listens to you but above all, he relates to you intuitively, just as he does with his fellow canines. You listen to your friends, but above all you relate to them intuitively. This is a sign of a true friendship. You watch and listen to your dog, but should relate to them intuitively.


This is a true Dog Partnership.

The Dog Partnership 2011

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