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The prey drive in a dog is often underestimated for it’s powerful influence on their everyday day life.  There is often a correlation between prey drive and social issues, which goes unidentified.


Working with the dog’s prey drive can assist in resolving social issues and enhance their relationship with people. It is of particular benefit to shelter dogs, where frustration is a major contributor to kennel stress.


This is a mainly practical workshop where several dogs will be assessed for their predatory behaviour.  Each dog is different and must be respected as such.  This workshop looks in detail at the complexity of the predatory pattern and how to identify which element of it is present in an individual dog.


In the morning of the first day, video footage and photos will demonstrate how different breed types display predatory behaviour and how this transfers on other social issues, such as with other dogs.


The remainder of the workshop is dedicated to assessing dogs with social issues, excluding aggression.  The issues covered will be inappropriate behaviour with dogs and/or people and general self-control issues such as jumping up, excessive mouthing and possession.

Participants are welcome to bring their own dogs for assessment. Dogs from Shelters are also invited.


Whether you work as a Dog Trainer, in a Shelter or simply have a passion for dogs, you will find this workshop both informative and fascinating.


Any of the dogs participating obviously need to be comfortable in a workshop environment.


Please do not bring dogs that are not participating in the workshop, unless absolutely necessary.

The Dog Partnership 2011

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