Closing the Predatory Pattern


AIM - To give your dog closure to the predatory pattern, thus reducing stress.


Dogs evolved from ancestors who hunted and the behaviour patterns associated with hunting and catching prey is still present in all dogs, to some extent.


This pattern is:


Eye/Stalk - Chase -  Grab-bite -  Kill-bite -  Dissect-Eat /Store


Each dog will have one or several of these elements present naturally. There are breed types more likely to have certain elements exaggerated e.g. herding breeds, high ‘chase’ and Terriers, high ‘kill-bite’. But it is not to be assumed that this is always the case.  Each dog is an individual and should be viewed as such.

A high ‘bite’ element does not relate to aggression.  A terrier may like to ‘kill and dissect’ a toy but is sociable with other animals, including small ones. 


Aggression is a social issue, not a predatory related behaviour.  It is essential to recognise this.


Once a dog enters the Predatory Pattern, instinct will take them through the natural progression. It is important to remember that a dog may not follow the whole pattern.


Some dogs may have high ‘chase’, low ‘grab-bite’ and then high ‘kill-bite’. In any case, closure is needed.


Excessive prey-driven behaviour can leave a dog, frustrated and if closure does not occur; whether it is ‘dissect – eat’ or ‘store’.  Any form of frustration will leave the dog feeling highly stressed.


The Closure Toy


The Closure Toy is designed to simulate the dissection and eating of caught prey, giving the dog closure to the predatory pattern. It is essential that the toy can be torn apart as the dissection is equally as important as the eating.


Closure to the Predatory Pattern will greatly reduce or remove any predatory related stress.


The Dog Partnership 2011

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