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This course is over four days for up to six people to follow my work here in Somerset.
The schedule is:

Day One - Observation of several residents at a local Animal Rescue Centre. At this centre, Angela will be assessing any dog whose suitability for re-homing is questionable.


If there are not many dogs for assessment with problem behaviour, I will demonstrate how the assessments are carried in all situations, including with other dogs.

Day Two - Observation of individual clients with dogs with social issues, usually aggression, at a Naughty but Nice Workshop. Some dogs may only be anti-social but not aggressive.


However most dogs I see are aggressive. The workshop involves – assessment of dog and owner, assessment of the problem and the first step in the rehabilitation programme.

Day Three – Observation follow up sessions and Communication Classes

Day Four – A re-cap on the previous three days and video footage where appropriate. Please note that it may not be possible to answer questions at the time of my working.


There will be plenty of time for questions at the end of each day. 

This is an intense course that will give you an insight to the unique way that I work and an opportunity to watch Teaching Dogs at work.


It may be possible to observe and recognise potential Teaching Dogs at various stages in the development. Many of these dogs previously had social issues.

As this is a practical course, We can not predict what level of aggression you will be able to observe. However, we can guarantee that the dogs we will be working with will have social issues of some description. 



Shadowing Course

The Dog Partnership 2011

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