This workshop will give you an insight into the unique world of the Teaching Dog and Teaching Dog Juniors


A Teaching Dog is a dog who has an instinctive desire to guide and support dogs in their learning of canine communication and conversation.


Most puppies will play with other dogs. Some simply because they enjoy the games; but some are looking to interact on a deeper level.  These puppies are ‘Teaching Dog Juniors’.


At this workshop you will learn how to recognise if your puppy is a Teaching Dog Junior.  And how they can develop their natural skills.


Teaching Dog Junior Groups are run regularly, from The Dog Partnership Centre in Somerset.


At these groups, your puppy will meet experienced Teachings Dogs, who will guide and support them through their learning.


Spectators welcome


Teaching Dog Juniors

For more information, please contact 


Angela Clark-Stockdale - 07790824277

Email -


Katie Fiddes  -  07714581451

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