This course gives an insight to the wotk of the Teaching Dog as an invaluable partner in helping dogs with potential or established social issues.


Day One -   Powerpoint presentation and video footage - Observing the characteristics of Teaching Dogs. Recognising potential Teaching Dogs. Identifying which Teaching Role they can fulfil . By watching the Teaching Dogs on film on this first day, you will be able to recognise more during the practical days. 


Day Two – Observing the same as Day one but on a practical level. Delegates are invited to bring up to three dogs of their own for assessment at no extra cost. Dogs from the Rescue Centre where the course is being run from may also be assessed. Each dog will be assessed as to their teaching capabilities and their natural willingness to teach. How to develop and shape each dogs teaching skills will be also discussed. 


Day Three – Progressing the Teaching Dog. The chosen Teaching Dogs will meet new dogs and their reaction will be observed closely. Each dog will be presented with dogs of different character to assess their coping ability and how further to develop their teaching skills. 


Day Four – A follow on from day three plus a re-cap on the previous four days and video footage where appropriate. 


Teaching Dogs Introductory Course 

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Angela Clark-Stockdale - 07790 824277

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The Dog Partnership 2011

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