"Don't believe in angels? You can't have met Stan. He helped make the world a better place for countless dogs and people. Me included. To look into his eyes gave true meaning to the words loyal, tender, brave and valiant. I will never ever forget your grace and beauty Stan. Please look after my Rumpy if you can." Lynda xxxxxx

It was a great honour to have shared my life with this beautiful person. He was my friend, my support and carried me through many traumas in my life. He saved the lives of hundreds of dogs, communicating with them in his own unique way.


There are many great Teaching Dogs but to call Stan 'great' would be an understatement. Never have I seen such compassion for others in a dog. Not only did he teach and support dogs but offered reassurance to the owners as well.


Stan, with the help of Meda and Norse, I will continue your work knowing that you will always be there to support us. Thank you, my son.

"It was a privilege to have known Stan and watch him work with those dogs in need of his help. To witness the subtle way he would invite a puppy to go with him and play was magical, and you just knew they were in safe hands. I feel honoured to have been able to say goodbye to him and he will live in my heart for ever" Lynne xx

"Stan was one of the most amazing dogs I have ever met. 


He was a natural diplomat, a dog in a million." Chrisine xx

"Years ago, when I first saw Stan work, I was utterly amazed at how he knew exactly what to do, no matter what kind of dog he was up against.  Years later I am still in awe of him.  Over the years he helped so many RSPCA dogs to overcome their problems, and saved so many dogs lives. He also taught all of us how to understand dogs a little bit better.  And on top of all that, he was also a gentle giant with a big soppy face, adorable eyes, and a heart of gold. Sorry Ange, I know how hard it will be without him". Anita xxxx

"I will always remember his beautiful face and his beautiful eye as the most wise eye I never seen in a dog and probably in a person. I have always been impressed by that from the first time I saw him. He always gave me that feeling that he was a very experienced person, that has seen many things in this world like an old and wise person you can learn lots of things from and you can trust he won't never betray you. That is what his eye told me. I'm very pleased you had the possibility to say goodbye each other... His eye will always be in my heart... " Greta xx

"Stan was an amazing dog I have never met his like before or since. I remember when we first came to see you at Shipham with  Bran and Meg and we met Stan, He looked me in the eye took my measure and then turned away went about his business. It was was a very strange experience being assessed by a dog, but one I will always remember fondly." Matt, Abby, Bran and Meg x

"Stan's passing is certainly the end of an era. What a special dog he was to so many others that he helped. I will never forget the privilege of him helping to demonstrate TTouch with me at the weekend workshop you and I did together. What a dog ... and so typical of him to wait for you to come home." Love and Hugs Marie x x

He was the most kind and patient teacher to my dogs, I will never forget how he was with Luka- he gave him so many chances to get things right and would then gently guide him. I remember him only having to move slightly a few inches into Luka's path to stop Luka chasing Peanut- he was so subtle. We will never forget him- he showed me what teaching dogs can be at their very, very best. " Laura, Richard, Luka and Beama xx

"Stan was an amazing role model and a true champion, not just for GSD's but for all breeds of dog. I will never forget the day that Foxley was being rude and irritating and instead of shouting or snapping at her, he just bopped her politely on the head with his foot - I have never seen her look so surprised and it certainly did the trick! He was a superstar, a gentle, wonderful soul who will be truly missed by all that knew him but especially by his Mum, who I know he adored". Em and Rob xx

"Stan was an amazing person - I've never seen another dog so adaptable with so many different dogs in so many situations.  Really so very gifted, and so sensitive.  I am so glad me and my dogs knew him and I know he will be missed by so many of us." Penel xxx

The Dog Partnership 2011

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